Where's the Paper Boy? Online Advertising Happened!
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Where’s the Paper Boy? Online Advertising Happened!


07 May Where’s the Paper Boy? Online Advertising Happened!

Ten years ago the letter box would be filled to the lid and you would be carrying rime of newspapers and catalogues when you got home from work. They would be all soggy from sitting in the rain and usually end straight up in the recycle bin because the pages were stuck together and every second house had a no junk mail badge embroiled on their letter box.

I’ve noticed that I’m receiving a lot less catalogues and I’m going to tell you why…

The cost of having brochures delivered weekly is enormous, by the time we add in printing and managing the delivery off these catalogues, it can costs organisations thousands of dollars. Being a new business it can be difficult to invest in to this advertising because we cannot see how valuable the campaign has been. Times are changing and Australian Post is changing the way they implement their mail, with the addition of Digital Post Boxes that can be accessed online. How long until we don’t need a mail box?

Investing in an online advertisement is a more powerful tool than the letter box drop because your able to collect data on your customers. We can see how effective a campaign has been by seeing the amount of people that have viewed your ad and how many have flowed on to your website or made a purchase. This allows business to make decisions on what marketing methods are working for them and what marketing methods aren’t.

Facebook and Google Adwords are two companies that allow businesses to advertise and set up advertisement campaigns. At times this can be difficult to set up, but they have a number of support services to ensure you get on track.

Today when you go out to the letter box, think about the Paper Boy that’s just sitting at home on Facebook looking at how his job has been replaced by computers.