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Social Media Strategy

Social Media

07 Jan Social Media Strategy

There are thousands of businesses in your area and only some have social media. But how many have a social media strategy? The answer to this question is very little! Is this because they don’t understand the power of social media?

Speaking to many business owners, it is clear they’re passionate about what they do, however most underestimate and fail to understand the sheer power of what social media can do for their business.

Social media has been around for at least eight years, providing more opportunities for businesses to grow and obtain clients. There are so many platforms people use to connect to your business, and it’s important your clients can find you on a wide range of tools like Facebook and Instagram.

Posting photos and status updates promotes your business, but you need to understand the reach and power of your social media. Having marketing strategies that focus on communication with social media, allows you to measure the influence you have in engagement.

How do you create your self a social media strategy you ask? It’s about understanding what works for your business and your clients. It’s essential to have business goals that reflect marketing online. Track your current strategies and try a new approach, but don’t ignore the tools that allow you measure.

Tip from the professionals is post great photos, be creative with your text and post frequently!