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Engaging websites are a must


19 Jan Engaging websites are a must

It’s important to find a web designer that understands you and your clients because you need to ensure online interaction is happening for you on your website. Interaction leads to engagement and having just a website with a phone number isn’t going to please your customers. It’s important you deliver interaction that allows your clients to find information easy and simple to understand.

Many business owners are tempted to have a major input on their design and at times it will fail because your product is substandard and delivers the wrong message for your clients. Your website needs to be informative, richly engaging and a fun experience for the client. If you need help understanding this, have a chat to us, your friendly web developers.

Our experience of social media and web development, we have found that less is more. Having large amount of texts can bore your customers and could potentially look elsewhere. Your  business goal is for your users to travel through your website and applications and to make this happen they need to feel the experience is fast and simple.

Before you go live with your new website, make sure you collaborate with everyone in your team about your website.
Analyse their feedback and make some changes to the user interface on the website as it may lead to higher engagement from your customers.

If your looking for web development or advice, please feel free to contact MELLO Technology.