DIY Website Tools - Tips and Tricks
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DIY Website Tools


05 May DIY Website Tools

DIY website tools are becoming more user friendly making it easier to create a webpage for your customers and followers. Popular website builders such as Shopify and Wixs create webpages for a lot of businesses however the page itself is only as good as a the person using the computer. We’re website developers that have been involved in technology for many years, we’ve seen many poorly structured websites that make it difficult for customers to access the information that need. Websites with good structure and content not only look professional but also ensures that the website is user friendly. 

Contact Information

If customers need to contact you regarding a particular service you offer, it’s essential to have a phone number and email address in the footer of the website. Alternatively you could have a contact form that allows the user to submit questions straight from your website page. Below is an example of a contact form from Mello Technology contact page:



Navigation bar‘s are essential for all websites so that users can find information quickly. Traditional methods are usually found on the left or top of the page. Having drop down boxes for sub categories make your website look clean and additional search boxes allow users to find information about the products and services promptly.

Mobile Device

These days a lot of website browsing is done from mobile devices. It’s important to ensure your website is up to date and can be viewed properly not only from a computer but also from a mobile device. Keep in mind that text and images need to be displayed properly in both iOS and android devices.



Images play a vital role in customising websites. Ideally images should be bold, eye-catching and relevant to the information you’re trying to portray on your website. Having professional photos taken can make a massive difference in showing users the quality of the product you can deliver.

Keeping with the trend

Websites can now be interactive with the evolution of HTML5, Java and Microsoft Silverlight. This break through is seeing users stay on websites for longer periods of time therefore increases the success of that particular website. Having animation built into your website can attract customer to your website but it’s important that animation is relevant and not to distracting. An example of this can be seen on the Geelong and Surfcoast Bins website where a video animation is displayed on the front page which captures the users attention.